Advantages of TTC urethane cushion buffer

Explains the functions and performance of TTC urethane cushion buffer and its effects.

Improving your riding experience

It enables smooth steering and controlling of your automobile and provides stable driving, which improves your riding experience as a result.

Reducing a leaning phenomenon on a sharp curve

It enables more stable cornering by diminishing a force that makes your automobile lean to a side when entering a sharp curve.

Height restoration of your automobile

It restores the height of your automobile and improves shock absorbing functionality by restoring the old coil spring that has a relatively diminished tension.

Reducing vibration of your automobile

It reduces vibration from the road and rolling from a high speed driving, which also reduces your fatigue from a long distance driving as well.

Shortening braking distance

Upon a sudden stop, the cushion buffer deters your automobile from leaning forwards as it deters the automobile's center of gravity from shifting to the front, which shortens the braking distance.

Protecting shock absorber

It protects shock absorber from unexpected shock or while driving on a bumpy road.

Reducing a leaning phenomenon on a sharp curve

Upon entering a sharp curve, TTC urethane cushion buffer reduces a force that makes the automobile lean to a side. In detail, it reduces the horizontal force that shifts most of the automobile's center of gravity to a side when cornering; then, it improves the resilience of the automobile's body, which results in a smoother control of the automobile, reduction of the leaning phenomenon, and more stable driving.

Reducing shock upon driving on a bumpy road

It absorbs the shock from a speed bump or bumpy road and lets you enjoy smoother and more stable driving experience. An automobile with TTC urethane cushion buffer has additional shock absorbing capability and can be driven more smoothly on a bumpy road or speed bump, which has a positive effect on the life span of the automobile's suspension as well.

Vibration reduction effect upon a high speed driving

TTC urethane cushion buffer reduces vibration from the engine as well as the road, which allows much smoother and comfortable driving experience. Driving on an expressway in a high speed causes much vibration due to the road surface friction and a powerful engine output. TTC urethane cushion buffer reduces this type of vibration as well as improves the automobile's suspension functionality, which elevates the air-resistance, such as station wind and horizontal wind, and enables stable and smooth driving.

Reducing fatigue while driving on off-road

Reducing the shock and vibration on a rough off-road, which results in more comfortable ride and reduced fatigue, TTC urethane cushion buffer makes much difference in your driving experience. It also improves the impact resilience of condensed coil spring; thus, you can expect to have easier steering wheel control as well as reduced vibration and shock. Plus, it allows you to have less fatigue during driving hours and has positive effects on the physical condition of your automobile.


Reliable after-sales service

unlike similar products and imitations, TTC product proudly has a semi-permanent life span, and their performance and after-sales services are absolutely guaranteed.

Complete product performance test

our product is technically sound as proven by the department of mechanical engineering in Busan National University that has run rigorous tests on the performance of our product.

Product liability insurance

upon using similar products or imitations, there is no way to be compensated when any property damage or injury related with them occurs.

Semi-permanent urethane

it is semi-permanent material that ensures optimal shock absorbing effect, yet it cannot be found in similar products or imitations.

Supplying type K and S

only TTC Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells the type of urethane cushion for type K and S.

Certified supplier

our product is sold by about 5,000 resellers nationwide including body shop, tire shop, auto component shop, auto repair shop, etc.