Identify genuine products of TTC dampers

In China and Southeast Asia, TTC Urethane Buffer branded products and poor quality products that are produced and sold rampant to the market not only do not work but also harm the shock absorber system of car.

Currently TTC Urethane Buffer product of Think Think Car has achieved KSA9001 quality of KOLAS Korea and attained ISO9001 accreditation standard. TTC genuine products are embossed with the words “TTC Think Think Car” and “MADE IN KOREA”.

TTC recommends that consumers should carefully check the signs of genuine products to avoid buying fake goods and poor quality goods.

The truth about fake rubber damping buffer cheap !!!

Below is a clip that records the scene of removing the fake rubber damping cushion after 6 months of using the car. Images were shot at the garage and customers were repairing the vehicle’s suspension system. According to customers’ share, the initial installation is also effective but over time the car is more and more rough and very uncomfortable when driving. This situation lasts for a long time and is now a failure of the vehicle springs.

Because rubber is a material with low recovery and durability when used for a long time, it will deform, especially in harsh environments that lead to buffer being unable to recover so it will hinder the furnace. springs during operation. Unsustainable counterfeit products are manually copied and do not have a clear inspection process. Following a short usage process, the buffer was broken or crumpled, preventing the operation of the spring. The most serious consequence is to go through the spring suspension as well as the safety of driving on the road.

Some pictures of fake rubber damping buffer:

Recognize genuine damping cushion

In order to avoid unfortunate situations when customers install poor quality products. Think Think Car seeks to distinguish the Urethane rubber dampers and dampers from Think Think Car

 Check product information, place of production clearly before buying.
 Check product packaging and warranty information from the manufacturer.
 It is recommended to test by hand the recovery of the product before installing it in the vehicle spring. (Test like the above clip)
 Absolutely say no to products of unknown origin and materials.
 The product is made of  Urethane .

(* Urethane – the material has good elasticity and flexibility but has high softness. In addition, it has high bearing capacity so it does not deform when the force is applied. High resistance to cracking and anti-oxygen Good chemistry, so it can be used for a long, long time.)