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How to install TTC urethane cushion

You should loosely tie the coil spring and the cushion buffer using cable tie for the following types of cushion buffer: K, S, A, & B. At this time, be careful not to bend the cushion buffer. (It is not applicable for the following types: C, D, E, F)


1. Prepare tools

Prepare TTC urethane damping buffer, lifting device, soap water or WD (Water Displacement), and drawstring.

2. Lift the car

Use lifting equipment or an elevator (used in engineering) to lift the body up until the wheel is lifted off the ground.

3. Check the status of coil springs

Spring coil should be fully relaxed.

4. Clean the spring before installing

Spray lubricant, silicone or WD40 onto the coil spring makes the surface of the coil spring more smooth to easily install TTC Urethane cushion.

5. Install the buffer on the coil spring

Gently rotate the TTC Urethane damping pad until the grooves of the cushion align with the spring steps and the buffer is now in the center of the spring roll.

6. Check after installation

Make sure that the grooves of the buffer align with the coil spring. After checking, use drawstring to fix spring coil and TTC Urethane cushion.

Note when you install TTC Urethane Buffer

   Your car should park on a flat ground

   Choose a safe location for installation, no means running around

   You should turn off the engine to ensure safety

   Make sure the lifting device works properly before the gaskets enter the vehicle to ensure safety.

Check the status of the buffer after installation

Check if the coil spring fits into the grooves of the buffer. If not, you may have installed it incorrectly.

Check the buffer installation location

We recommend placing the buffer in the middle of the spring coil. In the general case, do not place the buffer on the top or bottom of the spring.

Check the size of the buffer

If the installed buffer has a size that is not compatible with the coil spring, the life of the product may be shortened. Please refer to the standard size table for each type of vehicle before purchasing and installing the product. Or contact our customer support center for specific advice.

Cautions when you install TTC urethane cushion buffer

- your car should be parked on a flat ground, - select a safe place for installation where other cars do not run around, - your vehicle engine should be turned off for safety, - make sure that your jack works properly before you install the cushion buffer

Checking the condition of the cushion buffer after installing

Check if the coil springs are well interlocked into the grooves of the cushion buffer. Otherwise, it can be an improper installation.

Checking the installing location of the cushion buffer

We recommend that the position of the cushion buffer be in the middle of the coil spring. In general case, the cushion buffer should not be installed on the very top or bottom part of the coil spring.

Checking the size of cushion buffer

If you install a cushion buffer that does not fit to the coil spring, the life span of the cushion buffer may be shortened. Please refer to the standard size table of cushion buffer by types before you purchase and install a cushion buffer. Or contact our customer support center.

How to fix TTC buffer into coil


1. Fix the upper part

Use the draw cord to fix the damping buffer into the spring in the second hole position from the right edge of the cushion as shown in the picture.


2. Fix the lower part

Using the cable tie, fix the damping buffer into the spring at the second hole position from the left edge of the cushion as shown in the picture.


3. Adjust the position of damping cushion

Adjust the buffer to the correct position between the coil spring if there is a deflection, then finish the job.

Do not over tighten when bundling with cable ties

The purpose of the cable tie is to prevent the buffer from moving around. If you tie too tightly, the O-shape of the buffer will be lost, which can degrade performance. See the red circle in the photo above

Safety rules when installing the urethane cushion buffer

Refer to the following safety rules when you install the cushion buffer on your own. Please always be aware of safety while installing it.

Reliable service after purchase

Unlike other low quality or similar products, TTC Vietnam is proud to bring customers the most selective and thoughtful installation consulting service. With high sales performance, TTC ensures to provide the best service after sales.

Product performance testing

TTC Urethane damping cushion has high reliability because it has undergone rigorous testing process with practical tests at Busan National University mechanical department (Korea) on product performance.

Genuine product warranty

Customers who install TTC Urethane dampers in the first year will get free warranty at TTC’s garage system. For poor quality products, counterfeit goods and counterfeit goods will not be compensated for any damage to property and injuries if any incident or accident occurs.

Urethane is sustainable

High quality Urethane materials, ensure optimum shock absorption, durability and resilience superior to any fake or poor quality product floating in the market.

Provide size K and S

Only TTC is offered exclusive size K and S damping buffer products that you cannot find from any other supplier.

Supplier certification

TTC urethane Buffer is sold around to more than 5,000 dealers nationwide including spare parts stores, tire shops, auto stores, auto repair shops, etc.