How to measure buffer size?

You can measure the spring coil to determine the size of the damping pad compatible with the spring.


1. Check to make sure the shock absorber is coil spring type

(You can only install damping cushion products if your shock absorber is a coil spring.)


2. Prepare rulers, paper and scissors

Prepare a ruler, scissors and a flat piece of paper, without any wrinkles or folds.


3. Place the paper in the center of the coil spring

You need to place the paper in the gap in the middle of the spring to measure the most accurate size to determine the correct damping size.


4. Remove the paper, using the distance measurement

Please send us your measurement results, we will send a suitable buffer for your car

Please note (*)

Some cars have shock absorbers in the wheels. Please refer to the picture below:


1. Measure the spring distance in the rear wheels

You will likely have to measure the spring distance in the rear wheels for some models. Therefore, you should also check the situation of the rear wheels to ensure safety.


2. How to measure distance while under the car

Place the paper in the middle of the coil spring gap and measure the size

3. If you are far away and can’t reach the garage to measure, what should be done?

You can download our print file and print it out on A4 paper and cut it to make it look like the above steps. Click here to download

Note: If there is a problem during the measurement or installation, please contact us immediately

Do not measure distances while the car is lifted

It is not accurate when you measure the distance while the vehicle is lifted off the ground by TTC Urethane cushion product only used when vehicles are on the ground. While the car is lifted, the damping springs will stretch, so any measurement in this condition is inaccurate and you will not be able to find any buffer size with that measurement. Furthermore, if the unsuitable buffer size is installed and used in a vehicle, it will affect the performance and life of that buffer.

Be careful with the car where the spring coil has been changed

Even if the damping spring coil has been changed, you can still install the TTC Urethane damping pad, as long as it is a suspension with coil springs. If the vehicle has an adjustable spring (spring up / down), the distance at the top and the distance at the bottom of the spring may be different. In that case, determine the location where the buffer should be installed to measure the distance.

Safety rules for measurement

Here are the safety rules when you measure the cushion size for your own car. Always remember and adhere to these rules when you measure:

Parking on flat ground

Parking on flat ground, where there is no other vehicle around to keep the car balanced and secure

Turn off the engine

Turn off the engine to prevent unexpected accidents that may occur while measuring the buffer.

Transfer cake to “park”

You should change the status of the vehicle to “park” mode before measuring to ensure your safety and for the people around you.

Set the hand brake

Before measuring and attaching the buffer to the damping spring, you should set the hand brake mode, this is the mode recommended by the manufacturer to help keep it safe.

Move all passengers and items out of the car

Please remove all unnecessary items on the car, make sure that your vehicle does not have any passengers or loads of items.

Ensure safety around the installation area

You should choose a safe location, a flat, spacious space, no means to move around to limit the unfortunate risks that can occur during the measurement of size.